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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hangzhou China

Just finished with the "Avatar " Airbrush Makeup show @ PWTC recently and immediately fly to Hangzhou for the next event as a judge for Miss Tourism Queen International China 2010 @ Hangzhou. 1st day there they brought me to Xi Tang.....very old town as what they said it already more than 100 years old. The place is old ...but the scene is really nice..... I saw a lot of tourist and I realyy enjoy myself there as well. The food is can really try if you go there and don't miss it.

There are 34 girls join the pageant and I can see from their eyes, they realy want to win this thing and hope their dream come true one day.

I gave them a session of makeup class and share with them some of the makeup techniques and they pickup very well.One things make them very curious is the airbrush makeup session and they did enjoy the session very much.

There are 6 episod of video recording and its take until 6 am in the morning to finish.

I brought 2 students makeup artist with me this trip. Miss Megan and Janice, they are excellent and can perform all their job well that I asked them to do. They makeup for Top 8 finalist for the show and we did a few Avantgarde makeup and body paint as well.

25th July is the grand final , all the finalist are very nervous. Well........this pageant search...some win and some lose. You have to know it before you join :)

Top eight have to performce for best talent such as magic show, dancing, singing , acting and etc. What i like most is the magic is great and she know how to perform on stage. That's No.18 :)

Hope you like the pictures I post ........:)