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Thursday, May 5, 2011

About Airbrush Makeup !

Airbrush Makeup is about finishing and flawless result. If you are looking for a perfect finish for your skin foundation. " Airbrush Makeup " is what you are looking for.
Airbrush makeup is the new wave of fashion makeup and if you are a makeup artist....I guess you need one of this. Getting more and more customer get to understand the advantage of using airbrush and they are hunting for the service from the makeup artist.
If you serious still not sure about it......check out below article.Share with you more when I am back here !

Fine texture - apply airbrush without using sponge or finger, its create smoother flawless finishing.

Lighter -airbrush makeup offer a very loght weight makeup and you don't feel it at all. Looks natural and not loke traditional makeup caking and thick makeup

Fast - apply using airbrush makeup will be very much faster than traditional makeup and its looks much more even overall. With this features its help you to save more time.

Long lasting - With Siliconed base foundation colors, it s help last longer hours and it is waterproof.

Multi Purpose - With airbrush you can actually do many things such as bridal makeup, casual daily makeup , body paint, stage makeup , nail spray, tanning, special effect, airbrush tattoo , food decorating, art painting and many mores.

Safe Money - just a few drops it can cover the whole face for the foundation, Its also can spray for blusher, eye shadow, lips, brows and hightlighting and countouring as well.

Cover Marks - Cover blemishes,births mark, scars , frackles and permanent tattoo @ arms, legs, shoulder or face. It is easy and fast.

High Definition - Airbrush makeup can offer high definition makeup for commercial Shoot , Tv Production. its help reduce retouching works for photographers.