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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Get your Confidence Back !

Currently as many of you aware KAIIMAGE collaborate with GROUPON for a makeup workshop and the deal is Pay RM99 instead of RM480 for a makeup workshop . Total of 79% Discount from the original price. Best deal ever from KAIIMAGE to learn to improve your own makeup skill. You can take this great opportunity to enhance your makeup skill and gain more self confidence.

For the last 20 years , I had trained more than hundreds of seminar and workshop and thousands women attended. Today many people still lack of knowledge how to apply a proper makeup. From those faces i remembered, Many of them have the features, but they do not know how to deal with it. Stop admiring someone else and start doing something for yourself. I know many of you maybe do not know how ? That's why you keep yourself like this for the last 10 years , 20 years , 30 years ....never change
This program specially design for individual that want to learn proper makeup and knowing how to improve themselves.

Some of you may purchase a lot of cosmetics but do not know how to use it right.End up you failed doing well and peoples say to you .....Wah! how come you looks like a ghost. :) As you know as professional makeup artist , they do use cosmetics to transform a actor or actress into all kinds of TV character as well... :) From that moments onwards, you prefer to looks natural without makeup.That's why sometime people says better don't apply any makeup. End up most of the people will say natural beauty is better. :)I would says most of them don't really know how to apply makeup. Doesn't matter as long as you want a change, this is an opportunity .

We always like to admire when we look at someone have a beautiful skin. Don't worry ..with skill and right products, you can do it too !Your skin will look glow as well and radiant.Another important thing...About Cover Mark is so important for those who have dark circle, after buying so many concealer but still can't do it.You will looks tired at all time if you don't cover them well. This is what you will learn in my session.

For those who already participate ( NEW YOU - PERSONAL MAKEUP WORKSHOP ) GET READY ! Hope to see you all soon ! Cheers